Keep an eye on your dog at all times.

Socializing and cell phone use must always take second place to supervise. You should know where your dog is playing, with whom, and how he is getting along at all times.

Clean up after your dog.

Be aware of what your dog is doing and take care of it immediately. This means picking up feces, and rinsing and sweeping the spot to remove any remnants; rinsing off urine with water (except when the temperature is below freezing); and cleaning of scoopers with the hose. Always put the nozzle back on the hose after filling the pool.

Dogs must be healthy, fully immunized, and free of parasites.

If your dog is gnawing, scratching, “scooting” or showing any signs of illness, please stay away from the run until your vet has given your dog a clean bill of health.

Bitches in heat may not use the run.

Even after a heat cycle, males will be attracted: shampoos or tablets specifically formulated to reduce the odor are helpful.

Choke Collars

We have had increasing problems with choke collars on dogs. Please remove choke collars at the gate and use buckle or snap collars inside the run.

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2If friends, relatives or dog-walkers will be walking your dog, they must sign the Dog Run Agreement/Release Form, attend an orientation given by a board member and read these Rules prior to using the run. If you or your dog-walker bring in a non-member dog, your membership will be jeopardized.

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Do not bring toddlers or young children

Young people may not visit the run until they are mature and physically large enough to take care of themselves. No children under 12 years of age are allowed in the run under any circumstances. Violation of this rule will result in a membership suspension for one year.  Children between the ages of 12 and 16 must be 4 feet 11 inches in height. After 16 years of age, there is no height requirement.

Do not bring more than three dogs into the run at one time.

It is not possible to maintain adequate control of dogs in the run when the number of dogs greatly exceeds the number of people. To ensure the safety and well-being of all members, no individual member may bring more than three dogs into the run at any one time.

Do not bring food of any kind, for people or dogs.

The presence of food can be enough to start a dog fight.

The only toys of choice are standard-sized tennis balls. No personal toys or other balls are ever permitted to be brought into the run, categorically.

No shampoo, flea dips, or powders; do not bathe or treat your dog at the Run.

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Always check the other dogs in the run before entering.

Do not assume other dogs will be friendly.  Ask whether they are friendly if you are not sure.  New Members should let their dogs get used to the run and its members by making their first few visits when fewer dogs are in the run.  Be aware that new dogs are always greeted by old-timers and often pushed around first.  If you feel there may be a problem between your dog and those already in the run, you may request the 15 – Minute Rule. This requires dogs already using the run to leave within 15 minutes. If your dog is aggressive, please reschedule your visits at a time when the run is less crowded, and continue to train your dog until the behavior is changed and you have control.  (Please note that the rule is intended for safety reasons only, not simply to make private use of the run.)

All dogs and owners waiting outside, after giving 15-minute notice to a dog and owner (clearly and politely, please) in the run, will go far enough from the gate and fence as to not provide a distraction.  The 15-Minute Rule was designed to allow time for dogs who do not get along, sufficient playtime alone.  This always works best when the competing dogs are not in eye-shot of each other; thus walking around the block, waiting at the Coles Center Benches, or waiting across the street at the theater are appropriate activities while in waiting mode.

Leash and unleash your dog in the entryway.

It is recommended that you carry your leash with you into the run. Once in the run, if your dog displays any aggressive behavior, leash and correct immediately.  Never allow both gates to be open at the same time.  Be sure the outer gate is closed and locked before opening the inner gate, and vice versa when exiting.

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Avoid Dog Fights

Have an honest assessment of your dog’s aggressiveness and compatibility with the others at the run.

Canine relationships can change over time, particularly as dogs age. The key to safety and harmony at the run is prevention. Be prepared to act immediately if aggressive behavior occurs. If a fight begins, don’t panic: pull the dogs apart by their hind legs–not by their tails, which can injure the dog.

Do not pick your dog up off the ground.

Do not expect another person to handle your dog.

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2011 Policy

In keeping with the City’s policy regarding open spaces, smoking is not permitted in the run.

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Caring for the Run

We are a volunteer organization and maintenance is up to each member. For example: If the garbage bin is full, please tie it up and move it to the sidewalk; a new bag is always available! You may be asked to help sweep up occasionally. We will endeavor to rotate maintenance throughout the membership to assure that certain member families are not unduly burdened.